About Us

Wondering about what is the best way to express your feelings for your loved ones? Looking for something unique and beautiful? What can be better than something handcrafted!!

Artis offers diverse range of terracotta gift items, handmade cards with quilled work, Bookmarks, pencil tops and terracotta earrings. Terracotta jewellery is the specialization of the brand. Artis keeps updating the product catalogue as per choices for every occasion.  We know every occasion has its own charm and we believe in adding a special touch to it. 



Seema Aswani is a psychology (Hons) Graduate and Masters in Marketing & PR. She has worked with diverse clients through various agencies as a PR Professional but her passion for handicrafts was never dead. Innovation and creativity at every aspect of life is what she believes in. Various platforms were used for showcasing the talent and love for art. Finally the decision of changing her passion into the profession was taken up thus Artis was born. Adding life to each product with a personal touch at every step of production is given. Anything made with dedication always turns out beautiful.

Artis performs on a motive to touch customer’s heart and bring a bright smile on their face.  We wish to keep working on that and of course succeeding too!!